Keeping Up with the Joneses. . . in the UK

By Thomas J. Stanley on Aug 3rd, 2010 in Current Events

Last Friday I was interviewed by Dani Garavelli who writes regularly for Scotland on Sunday.  Her article entitled “Are our expensive attempts to keep up with the Joneses running the risk of destroying families?” provides a unique slant on the problems associated with unhappy hyper consuming people who live a treadmill existence.  Ms. Garavelli explores several case studies of people in the UK who self destructed at least in part because of their inability to “keep up with the Joneses.”  She does a wonderful job of integrating important research findings with her thesis that living well beyond one’s means has much more serious consequences than going broke.  Ms. Garavelli’s article is strongly suggested reading.

One response to “Keeping Up with the Joneses. . . in the UK”

  1. Kekoa says:

    The article was long, but a worthwhile read that just solidifies, what you’ve shown in your research, that the important things in life aren’t in material goods.

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