Finding The Millionaire Next Door

By Sarah Fallaw on Feb 16th, 2016 in Current Events, Psychology and Careers

Where is the millionaire next door?

Part of my father’s role as an advisor to DataPoints was to guide the creation of assessments that could measure the same factors critical to building wealth in a broad population of financial decision-makers, not just the wealthy or those with high incomes. The assessments, measures of behaviors and life experiences, identify those who have the potential to build wealth, while also offering personalized feedback based on one’s scores to develop better financial behaviors.

Today, on what would have been my dad’s 72nd birthday, I’m very pleased to announce the release of a white paper from DataPoints that describes the application of his research, coupled with psychometrics and technology, in helping to identify and develop one’s propensity to build wealth. We’ve identified the factors that predict net worth above and beyond age, income, and percent of net worth that has been inherited. For those fans of The Millionaire Next Door, a few examples of the wealth factors will sound familiar: being frugal, acting responsibly, and being indifferent to social trends and influence. These wealth factors help identify those who might be considered a millionaire next door, while also providing guidance on how to improve or maintain behaviors that are conducive to building wealth over time.

Read the press release here, or you can download a copy of the Financial Behaviors & Wealth Potential report here.

5 responses to “Finding The Millionaire Next Door”

  1. Jordan says:

    Millionaire next door is an amazing book! So grateful for all the time and energy put in to bring about that masterpiece!

  2. Brad says:

    Thank you so much for this, long time MND fan! I can’t wait to read this when I get home tonight!

  3. Jeff McCollough says:

    Dr. Stanley had such a tremendous influence of our lives that I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you. Our thoughts are with you and your family. February 28th is also a date I have put on our calendar to say a prayer for you all as well.


  4. Jean says:

    The books The Millionaire Next Door and The Female Millionaire Next Door have been both inspirational and incredible resources. I find myself citing information from both to my customer base, hoping that some well-researched and grounded data will offset the anti-capitalist propaganda too many of them have ingested throughout the years.

  5. […] Stanley, co-author of The Millionaire Next Door, passed away last year. But his research lives on. This blog links to a recent paper that measures and identifies the critical factors to building wealth. It can be […]

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