3 Million Shots to Success

By Thomas J. Stanley on Aug 7th, 2012 in Other

by Sarah S. Fallaw, Ph.D., Director of Research at AMI  Success in life and in work has been consistently tied to conscientiousness: being disciplined, having plans and focusing on details. Research in psychology consistently shows a relationship between this personality characteristic and how well someone will do on the job. Likewise, the research conducted on […]

Are Toll Collectors on Your Prospect List?

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jul 10th, 2012 in Other

RE: Toll Collectors on the George Washington Bridge According to the Wall Street Journal, . . . some toll collectors make more than $100,000 [annually with overtime] This is the equivalent of more than two and one half times what the typical American worker earns.   But toll collectors are not the only blue collar high income […]

Hallmark of The Millionaire Next Door: A Supportive Spouse

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jun 26th, 2012 in Other

In Networking with the Affluent I emphasized that helping others should be part of your business plan.  Good deeds are often rewarded many times over.  People see you at your best when you contribute your time and money.  The following letter from Mr. J.F. demonstrates both his marketing genius and the fact that he is a supportive spouse.  His […]

Toyota and Honda Still On Top

By Thomas J. Stanley on May 24th, 2012 in Other

It wasn’t long ago that the popular press was filled with stories about Toyota losing its edge.  I for one never believed the stories about Toyota having an endemic quality control problem.  In fact, during the peak of all this negative publicity, I purchased a 2010 Toyota 4-Runner.  This in spite of even Consumer Reports […]

Enhance Your Image by Writing Articles

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 29th, 2012 in Other

Medical Economics is one of the most respected periodicals read by physicians.  I was honored  to have several of my articles about physicians and how they rank among high income producers in terms of accumulating wealth published in that journal.  And the demand for my books has greatly benefitted from the exposure.   You may recall the profile of Dr. […]

Income/Net worth-Inherited wealth

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 9th, 2012 in Other

For today only I am going to suspend the rules concerning wealth and income.  I have repeatedly stated that wealth is not income and income is not wealth.  Wealth is how much you accumulate.  It is the net of your assets less your liabilities.  Income is what you report on your personal income tax return.  For […]

Marketing to the Affluent in Small Towns

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 8th, 2012 in Other

In Stop Acting Rich, I mentioned that many farmers are wealthy because they adhere to the basic rule for building wealth: whatever your income is, live below your means.  In spite of being an affluent segment, it receives very little press coverage.  I also briefly profiled a company that was one of my first clients in the […]

Gold in Colleges and Neighborhoods

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 1st, 2012 in Other

A neighbor recently sought my advice about selecting a college for his daughter.  His evoked set of colleges started with Georgetown and moved northeast to Bowdain and Bates in Maine.  But not all great colleges are in the Northeast corridor.  During the conversation I mentioned that this year’s Nobel prize for Chemistry was won by a […]

Changes I would Make in my Life

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 30th, 2011 in Other

A woman wrote to me recently asking for advice on choosing a profitable career: I am 50.  I would like to . . . find a business that I can develop for the next fifteen years and retire as a millionaire.  Could that be possible? There is no certainty in accumulating wealth.  And just because some types […]

Integrity, Integrity, Integrity

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 18th, 2011 in Other

Just prior to completing The Millionaire Mind, I received a letter that was ideally suited for inclusion in the chapter about success factors.  I have read your most recent works.  I have an extremely high mathematical aptitude.  I hold advanced degrees in advanced math. . . . I’m currently in transition.  Eventually I want to pursue […]