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Millionaires’ Success Factor #3: People Skills

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 29th, 2013 in Mentor's Corner

Ford CEO Alan Mulally is the best business leader to come along since Lee Iacocca.  He was a featured speaker recently at The University of Georgia’s CEO Forum.  Part of his presentation was quoted in USA Today: One thing I learned from [my parents] was that it is nice to be important but it is more […]

Mulally of Ford; Tebow of The Jets

By Thomas J. Stanley on Apr 3rd, 2012 in Mentor's Corner

   According to a Wall Street Journal article, the chief executive of Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, had the highest compensation package among all executives in the automotive industry.  This is not surprising given the achievements he has made at Ford.  In an recent cable news program about Mr. Mulally, it was mentioned that early in […]