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Words of Wisdom: Networking & Opinion Leaders

By Sarah Fallaw on Jun 17th, 2015 in For Marketing & Sales Professionals

While going through some training materials in my father’s archives this morning, I found a section that defined networking via an example geared towards attorneys. Regardless of your industry, it is a great summary for effective business development and was the focus of the book Networking with the Affluent, published this month back in 1993. From his workbook: […]

Wrecks to Riches

By Thomas J. Stanley on Aug 5th, 2010 in Lessons Learned

Our family receives more than 2 dozen telephone directories annually.  Most of them we recycle.  However, I actually look forward to looking through one of them- the Business Yellow Pages.  The 2010 edition contains 1,051 pages.  Eighty-one of these pages is devoted to attorneys. In a quick computation, I estimated that there are more than […]

Part 2 of 3: The Millionaire Next Door. . . Swiss? Cheese only.

By Thomas J. Stanley on Sep 8th, 2009 in Current Events

Why is it that most of the millionaire next door types do not cheat on their taxes?  One of the reasons is that on average they only pay the equivalent of 2.1% of their net worth in income tax each year.  From The Millionaire Next Door that is $79,000 in tax and a net worth […]