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Critics Are Needed to Build Your Resolve

By Thomas J. Stanley on Feb 24th, 2015 in Current Events

Harry owns a Jeep dealership.  Recently his 14 year old son told him that “some of the kids at school are teasing me over the headline in USA Today:  Jeep tops ‘Consumer Reports’ list of worst car values.  Earlier USA Today  published Consumer Reports’ “predicted liability by brand.”  Jeep ranked 27 of 28 makes.   […]

Where Did the Designer of Your Car’s Engine Attend College?

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 9th, 2014 in Current Events

Thank you, Mr. S.Y., for your recent 5-star review of The Millionaire Mind.  In it you succinctly explained the book’s theme, focusing on the key table [Table 2-1] “Millionaire Success Factors.” . . . least important (success factor) . . . graduating near/at the top of my class.  (ranked 30th of 30 factors) This component is […]

What Does the Millionaire Next Door Read? Trade Journals

By Thomas J. Stanley on Apr 15th, 2014 in Current Events

If your local library does not carry the periodical Automotive News, it might be worth your while to request that it do so.  The trade journal is a bit pricey for an individual to purchase.  But in my business this weekly periodical is a very important source of information about what some people refer to as “the […]

Leasing: A Popular Substitute for Wealth

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 8th, 2013 in Studying the Wealthy

In Stop Acting Rich, I profiled the “aspirationals” (people who act rich . . . but actually aren’t rich).  Perhaps Shakespeare was referring to these people when he said “all that glitters is not gold.”  Yet many Americans are guilty of judging the wealth of others based on whether or not they drive prestige makes of motor vehicles.  Judgments […]

Millionaires Buy Cars from Extraordinary Sales Professionals

By Thomas J. Stanley on Sep 10th, 2013 in Mentor's Corner

Automotive News recently reported that two-thirds of new car buyers walked “ice cold” into the dealership where they bought their car.  The others took the initiative by contacting the dealer first. In another article more than half of new car buyers indicated that the number one problem with their purchasing experience was “dealing with a salesman.” Most of these […]

Help Stomp Out Adultery: Drive a Hyundai!

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jul 9th, 2013 in Current Events

The following are extractions from an article recently published in Automotive News. After you have read them, what might you conclude? Married people who drive an Audi are the [automobile] industry’s biggest adulterers, according to a British Web site that helps them do it.  The site, IllicitEncounters.com, which proudly describes itself as “the U.K.’s leading married dating […]

Manufacturer with Smallest % of Subprime Car Buyers: Honda

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 10th, 2012 in Studying the Wealthy

Early in my career I wrote an article entitled “Why You’re Not as Wealthy as You Should Be.”  It was published in Medical Economics and later extracted for Reader’s Digest.  Much of the details were later incorporated into my books.  Those who have accumulated significantly less wealth than the norm for their respective age and income […]

Our Economic Future on Wheels

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 24th, 2012 in Current Events

Will our economy improve?  I believe it will; it has been improving for about the last two years.  I know this because I have a special crystal ball that reveals the future!  Actually, part of the crystal ball is in print form:  the weekly editions of Automotive News.  I am particularly interested in the production and sales […]

Ford Pickup: #1 Vehicle in Sales & Profits

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 20th, 2011 in Studying the Wealthy

The following question was asked in The Millionaire Next Door:  What makes of cars are most popular with millionaires?  Number one in market share (9.4%) was Ford. . . the most popular models include the F-150 pickup. . . about three in ten millionaire Ford drivers own F-150 pickups. More recently, in Stop Acting Rich, […]

One Letter-Multi Millions

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 6th, 2011 in Lessons Learned

The new Mustang, especially with the world class 5 liter V-8, is yet another success version of the namesake which made its debut in 1964.  From the beginning the Mustang was a concept based on the preferences of car enthusiasts.  Lee Iacocca who was the #2 man at Ford during his tenure there is often […]