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Black Friday Perspectives from Millionaires

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 23rd, 2018 in Current Events, Mentor's Corner, Psychology and Careers, Studying the Wealthy Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday, from both a marketing and psychological perspective, was of great interest to my father, so much so that we included a question about it on the last survey we conducted on wealthy Americans for The Next Millionaire Next Door. Below is a roundup of some of the writings he and later I published […]

Assessing Black Friday Fitness

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 23rd, 2016 in Current Events

The frenzy of holiday shopping started over a month ago, culminating with this week’s Black Friday sales, where an estimated 137.4 million people will shop for something. My father had a lot to say about Black Friday shopping, particularly about those who felt it necessary or were compelled to stand in line for hours waiting […]

Distracted by Black Friday

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 26th, 2015 in Current Events

How will you spend the day after Thanksgiving? Here’s some research that might influence your decision. InĀ our 2015 survey of affluent Americans–a group that represents the top wealth holders in the United States–we asked how many times they participated in in-store Black Friday shopping in the past five years. Only 2% said they had participated […]

Black Friday Sales

By Thomas J. Stanley on Nov 25th, 2014 in Current Events

Where can you find the millionaire next door on Black Friday?  At work!

Black Friday Blues and Bologna Revisited

By Thomas J. Stanley on Nov 26th, 2013 in Current Events

No one ever got rich by camping out for two or three days to be first in line for Black Friday sales events.  Or as I said in an earlier blog: Two days camping out in line, that’s 48 hours or nearly 5 times the number of hours a millionaire next door allocates per month to […]

Bologna on Black Friday!

By Thomas J. Stanley on Nov 19th, 2012 in Current Events

The holiday shopping frenzy begins this week!  Therefore I thought it might be a good time to run a blog from last year entitled Black Friday Blues.  The theme of the blog is that in most cases the retail prices on popular consumer products are not at their lowest the Friday following Thanksgiving.  Certainly there are some […]

Black Friday Blues

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 1st, 2011 in Current Events

Are you feeling blue, even guilty or left out?  You did not participate in the Black Friday madness.  Perhaps you didn’t even take advantage of all those opportunities available on Cyber Monday. . . .  Alternatively, you indeed might have been lucky and perhaps smart as well to have avoided following the crowd of more than 100,000,000 […]