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Young Married Couples: Follow the Ways of The Millionaire Next Door

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jul 16th, 2013 in Mentor's Corner

Love should be the basis for a long and happy marriage. But even deep affection can be tarnished if a couple does not share the same goals and objectives.  J and J, both 28, are getting married this fall.  He is an engineer; she is an accountant.  Neither have any debt. Their combined 2013 income will be nearly $150,000 […]

Multimillionaire with 1 Credit Card!

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 9th, 2010 in Studying the Wealthy

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it might be a good time to reflect once again on the ways and means of the millionaire next door.   This came to mind after I observed a woman who was trying her best to pay for a down vest at a recreational equipment emporium.  First she […]