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What Millionaires Do Post-Election Night

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 7th, 2018 in Current Events

By becoming engrossed in ongoing competitions, you’re necessarily taking time and emotional energy from something else: your business or education or some other productive activity. The Next Millionaire Next Door One of the keys to economic success is focusing your cognitive and emotional energy towards valuable activities: managing and caring for your household finances, improving […]

The Great American Summer Job

By Sarah Fallaw on May 24th, 2017 in Current Events, Lessons Learned, Mentor's Corner, Psychology and Careers

Waiting tables, mowing lawns, babysitting, retail sales, camp staff, stockroom: how many of these summer jobs did you have in high school and college? What about the teens you know – are they working this summer? When I saw the headline that retail jobs that once filled the time of teenagers looking to make money […]

On the 20th Anniversary of The Millionaire Next Door

By Sarah Fallaw on Oct 20th, 2016 in Books and Publications, Current Events

As we progress through this election cycle I am having a bout of deja vu.  We’ve been here before. Back in 1996 we were watching another election cycle that involved the Clintons–Bill Clinton versus Bob Dole versus Ross Perot.  We were also seeing increased technology addiction (chatting on dial-up ISPs), and feeling as if threats […]

Wealth Building Lessons from the World Cup

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jul 13th, 2010 in Current Events

It is unfortunate that much of the information emanating from the World Cup focused on bad officiating.  No doubt the officiating was not of the same caliber as the athletes.  In fact,  much of  what was written about the championship game centered around the claims by many of the Netherlands’ players, supporters and even some […]