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Common traits of successful corporate executives and the millionaire next door

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 14th, 2014 in Current Events

There are two forms of human intelligence.  One is cognitive intelligence [IQ] which I believe is highly correlated with SAT results, etc.  But as reported in The Millionaire Mind, Cognitive ability [IQ] tests have been notoriously poor predictors of leadership performance. . . .  Relations between intelligence and leadership and managerial performance . . . accounting […]

A Cure for a Bad Case of the “Spends”

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 29th, 2013 in Studying the Wealthy

I was delighted to learn of one of my reader’s (Mr. RK) transition from being a member of the income statement affluent segment to one in the balance sheet affluent population.  Congratulations! The examples (of income statement types) are endless.  My personal example was similar.  Professionally, I’m an engineer.  I’m really good at math and people pay me […]

Engineering Economic Productivity

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 10th, 2012 in Mentor's Corner

Today far too many college graduates are unable to find job.  To make matters worse, some of these same people borrowed heavily to fund their college educations.  Some have over $100,000 in outstanding student loans.  It is easy to blame the American economy for these ills, but it is the individual who possibly selected a pricey university and a college […]

Stop Acting Rich: A Professor of Frugality

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jun 29th, 2010 in Millionaire Next Door Stories

Engineers, professors and people with Scottish ancestry, taken separately, are among those who are significantly above average in transforming income into wealth.  I have focused on these three groups in previous blogs.  I wonder if someone who fit in all three of these categories would be especially good at accumulating wealth?  The details of the following case certainly […]

Stop Acting Rich: Good Advice from a Frugal Engineer

By Thomas J. Stanley on Apr 6th, 2010 in Millionaire Next Door Stories

I recently received an e-mail from an engineer whom I’ll call Mr. SC.  I’d like to share his story with you.     My wife and I have achieved multi-millionaire status by the very means Dr. Stanley has found in his studies. I perform the vast majority of tasks that most Americans would think a millionaire would […]