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Building Wealth & Minding Your Own Business

By Sarah Fallaw on Dec 7th, 2017 in Current Events, Lessons Learned, Mentor's Corner, Psychology and Careers

One of my students gave a presentation on how to use goal-setting theory to reach financial freedom and at the end he said, “but you’ll never save money if you don’t MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS,” and this really stuck with me.  In the Twitterverse yesterday, one of my fellow industrial-organizational psychology friends retweeted this quote […]

Enhance Your Image by Writing Articles

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 29th, 2012 in Other

Medical Economics is one of the most respected periodicals read by physicians.  I was honored  to have several of my articles about physicians and how they rank among high income producers in terms of accumulating wealth published in that journal.  And the demand for my books has greatly benefitted from the exposure.   You may recall the profile of Dr. […]

Emphasize Net Worth-Part I

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 11th, 2011 in Income vs. Net Worth

As a prelude to writing The Millionaire Next Door, I published an article in Medical Economics entitled “Why You’re Not as Wealthy as You Should Be.”  Simply put doctors could and should accumulate much more and at a much younger age. In the same article, I pointed out that for every one high income producing doctor […]