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Black Friday Perspectives from Millionaires

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 23rd, 2018 in Current Events, Mentor's Corner, Psychology and Careers, Studying the Wealthy Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday, from both a marketing and psychological perspective, was of great interest to my father, so much so that we included a question about it on the last survey we conducted on wealthy Americans for The Next Millionaire Next Door. Below is a roundup of some of the writings he and later I published […]

What Millionaires Do Post-Election Night

By Sarah Fallaw on Nov 7th, 2018 in Current Events

By becoming engrossed in ongoing competitions, you’re necessarily taking time and emotional energy from something else: your business or education or some other productive activity. The Next Millionaire Next Door One of the keys to economic success is focusing your cognitive and emotional energy towards valuable activities: managing and caring for your household finances, improving […]

Emigrating Chinese Millionaires -Not Next Door!

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 28th, 2014 in Current Events

Google “China’s millionaires” and you will find an array of articles that focuses on two issues related to this population.  One, entitled “China Now Has More Millionaires Than Any Country but the US,” states that the millionaire population in China rose by an astonishing 82% between 2012 and 2013.  There are approximately 2.4 million millionaire households […]

Fantasies of Wealth; Misinterpreting the Data

By Thomas J. Stanley on May 14th, 2013 in Lessons Learned

A couple recently asked me about the relationship between home ownership and net worth. They are contemplating buying their first home.  “In your books, Tom, you mention that nearly all millionaires are homeowners . . . approximately 95%.”  Most homeowners, however, are not millionaires.  And no one is going to hand you a check for seven figures when you close […]

Rich or Drive Rich?

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jul 29th, 2010 in Studying the Wealthy

People often contact me asking for a special dispensation because they drive expensive prestige makes of motor vehicles. They maintain that this is an effective way to show others (especially prospective customers or clients) as well as themselves that they are successful. And every one of them tells me that they either got a great lease deal […]

Ode to British Naval Intelligence

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 11th, 2010 in Studying the Wealthy

In my last blog I discussed the importance of trade journals in identifying millionaire business owners. But where did the idea of reading trade journals originate?  It did not come from any of the marketing or marketing research textbooks that I lectured from for over twenty years. It was my lifelong interest in military history […]

A Wealth Incubator

By Thomas J. Stanley on Feb 25th, 2010 in For Marketing & Sales Professionals, Psychology and Careers

I recently asked nearly 1,000 millionaires nationwide “What was your first full-time job?”.  Out of those 1,000 respondents, 137 answered, “sales/marketing professional.”  In fact, this proportion places the “sales/marketing  vocation” as the #1 first full time job.  Does this mean that people in this profession have a significantly higher probability than those in other jobs […]