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CPA: The Millionaire Next Door’s #1 Advisor

By Thomas J. Stanley on Nov 12th, 2013 in Studying the Wealthy

Mr. Arrow was profiled in my last blog.  How much does Mr. Arrow charge for his financial advice?  There is never a charge.  Actually he gets great satisfaction out of helping his physician clients.  He never read my book, Networking with the Affluent, nor has he reviewed the material on the audio version, Networking with […]

Hallmark of The Millionaire Next Door: A Supportive Spouse

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jun 26th, 2012 in Other

In Networking with the Affluent I emphasized that helping others should be part of your business plan.  Good deeds are often rewarded many times over.  People see you at your best when you contribute your time and money.  The following letter from Mr. J.F. demonstrates both his marketing genius and the fact that he is a supportive spouse.  His […]

Buying Cars The Millionaire Next Door Way!

By Thomas J. Stanley on May 29th, 2012 in Studying the Wealthy

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average dealer profit per new car sold was $1,334.  Ah, but even better was the dealer profit on used cars, $2,160.  Perhaps this has something to do with why most millionaire next door types buy new vehicles rather than used ones from […]

Joe the CPA: More than a Numbers Man

By Thomas J. Stanley on Oct 12th, 2010 in Mentor's Corner

In my last blog, I profiled Joe the extraordinary CPA who had over 800 clients [from Networking with the Affluent].*  To understand his success one needs to examine the eight roles that Joe played in addition to being a conventional accountant for his clients.  Note that he never charged a fee for these services.   1.  The Purchasing Agent.  As […]