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Stop Acting Rich: Focus on Major Targets

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 30th, 2010 in Other

In a previous blog, Stop Acting Rich: Follow Harry’s Lead, I mentioned a fund raising event that I had attended. I was invited because I had volunteered my expertise about how to market to millionaires.  However, several of the other patrons of the school’s construction fund who were in attendance were all quite wealthy, like Harry. But […]

A Mentor with The Millionaire Mind

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 26th, 2010 in Mentor's Corner, Other

Last Sunday, a church in our neighborhood sponsored a sandwich drive. Members and their friends who volunteered made 12,000 bologna and cheese sandwiches for homeless people in the downtown area. About half of the people who participated included families with young children. This is a great learning experience for youngsters who are part of middle class America. It teaches them more […]