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Relief Spending, Personality, and Planning

By Sarah Fallaw on May 27th, 2020 in Current Events, Studying the Wealthy

The long-term consequences of the global economic shut-down are, at least for now, unknown.┬áBut we can see some short-term implications that should cause us to pause, reflect, and plan when it comes to our future financial state, even if we outsource the financial planning task to others. For example, unemployment levels in the United States […]

3 Million Shots to Success

By Thomas J. Stanley on Aug 7th, 2012 in Other

by Sarah S. Fallaw, Ph.D., Director of Research at AMI  Success in life and in work has been consistently tied to conscientiousness: being disciplined, having plans and focusing on details. Research in psychology consistently shows a relationship between this personality characteristic and how well someone will do on the job. Likewise, the research conducted on […]