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Help Wanted? An Interview Guide for Hiring Financial Professionals

By Sarah Fallaw on Apr 27th, 2020 in Current Events, Lessons Learned, Mentor's Corner

Amid any chaotic market or environment, many of us will seek professional advice, especially when it comes to achieving financial goals.┬áCompanies like Fidelity are hiring new staff and advisors to take on the increase in prospective clients who now want financial advice. We have anecdotal evidence of this increase at DataPoints, where many advisors have […]

In Texas, Do as Texans Do

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 28th, 2010 in Studying the Wealthy

In a recent article from Vanguard reviewing my latest book, Stop Acting Rich, the author referred to the story about “a restaurant with bugzappers.”  This topic generated a lot of comments. Here are the details from the book. After I interviewed an entrepreneur from Texas with a net worth in the mid eight figures, he told […]

Millionaire U.

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 17th, 2009 in Mentor's Corner, Other

What did I discover from my first national survey of millionaires in 1980? Just over one-half (53%) of these wealthy respondents graduated from college. What about 30 years later? The large majority (90%) of millionaires today are college graduates holding at least a bachelor’s degree. The same proportion applies to those with multimillions including decamillionaires.  It […]